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Feminist Spring School 2024 – Part One

June 7, 2024

4 – 7.06.2024

The first part of the Feminist Spring School 2024 was held from June 4-7 in Vrnjačka Banja, Serbia, bringing together 20 young women from Kosovo and Serbia. This session featured esteemed women activists and feminists from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina as lecturers. They contributed to discussions on peace from a feminist perspective, drawing on their diverse professional and personal experiences. Their extensive knowledge, personal experiences in activism, and compelling stories sparked the participants’ interest in peace activism at an early stage.

Over the course of four days, in a safe environment, participants explored topics such as feminism, peacebuilding, early women’s activism, the impacts of war and survivor support, solidarity, and the role of art in activism as a practice and an empowering tool for peacebuilding. The 10th edition of FSS covered the following topics: “Peace – History and Meaning,” “Free and Independent/Their Own – Feminist Approach to Patriarchal Society,” “Peace Relies on Empowerment and Trust,” “Reconciliation and Security from a Feminist Perspective,” “Resistance and Solidarity – Sisterhood Among Feminists in the Nineties,” “Personal and Political in Peace Activism,” and “Truth and Dare.”

The speakers for this edition included: Anita Pantelić, Lepa Mlađenović, Jadranka Miličević, Maja Mitić, Andrijana Kocić, Merita Hasani, and Tamara Milanović.

In addition to the lectures, participants enjoyed free time together, which allowed them to share and exchange their knowledge and cultural backgrounds.

Feminist Spring School was supported by KTK and Global Fund for Women.

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