Information sessions begin

February 2, 2024

01.02.2023, Fushë Kosovë

On 1st of February, Artpolis team conducted the first informative session of the project: “Inclusion, Involvement and Joint Creation among Youth from Diverse Ethnic Backgrounds”. The first session took place at the municipality of Fushë Kosovë.

20 young participants from Roma, Ashkali, and Egyptian communities took part in the info session. Artpolis team informed them about the project activities and invited them to become part of the project. They brought an outstanding energy and shared many personal experiences regarding the upcoming activities of the project.

This project aims to bring youth from different ethnic backgrounds together and promote interethnic and intercultural dialogue, and trust-building through the use of art as a tool. Young artists and activists will use art to share interethnic and intercultural narratives, encouraging critical thinking and a shift in mentality.

Through non-formal education and art performances, participants will have the opportunity to interface with each other and discuss important issues in a safe and inclusive space. Non-formal education enables rapid transformation; art performances can alter one’s perspective on certain topics, fostering critical thinking and a change in mindset. The project is supported and financed by United States Embassy Pristina, Kosovo.

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