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“Like you, so am I”, a forum theater performance about gender discrimination in the family

November 30, 2021


The theater club of the champion school “Emin Duraku”, Gjakova on November 30, 2021 has presented the forum theater performance “Like you, so am I” at the City Theater “Hadi Shehu”.

Through this show, the young people of this club, under the mentorship of the actor Flamur Ahmeti, have addressed the topic of gender discrimination within families. The event takes place at home and at school. Fiona, an excellent student, faces double oppression, from her brother and her parents.

She is forced to do her homework always to her brother, who is always free to leave home with friends, while Fiona does not have this opportunity as such a thing is forbidden by her family, she has to wear her clothes. “Good girl”. However, this treatment from her family revolts Fiona, who as a sign of dissatisfaction leaves home to go to her friend, and also refuses to do homework for her brother.

This attitude of the family towards Fiona aroused debate in the public, who under the facilitation of Armend Ballazi, asked many questions about the characters, while criticizing the parents for their approach to the girl, giving her advice that gender equality starts in the family.

“This project is organized by Artpolis – Art and Community Center, with the support of GIZ Kosovo on behalf of the German Government”

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