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Theater perofrmance “Dance without fear”, addresses sexual harassment

November 8, 2022


Sexual harassment and assault should not take place in our society. Victims must be supported by institutions and society, while criminals belong in prison. These were the messages conveyed by the forum theater performance “Dance without fear”.

This forum theater performance was presented on November 8, 2022 at the “Adriana” Theater in Ferizaj in the presence of more than 150 people in the audience.

The young men and women of the Theater Club in Ferizaj, who worked under the mentorship of the actors of the Artistic Resident Troupe of Artpolis, Qendresa Kajtazi and Edlir Gashi, had an excellent performance, and were applauded by the audience.

Main event takes place at school when three girls with a passion for dancing are sexually harassed during the rehearsal session. This event leaves a heavy mark on each of them, however, all three react to this event in different ways – with doubts, fear and courage. Many things depend on the reaction of society and the family when the event becomes public in the country’s media.

After the end of the performance, an active debate occurred between the characters and the audience who asked numerous questions, and unanimously demanded that the criminals must be punished, while the victims must have appropriate institutional care.

This activity was organized by Artpolis with the support of CFD, the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, and the Municipality of Ferizaj.

Buçaj Sh.P.K. is the general sponsor of Artpolis.

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