The Creative Process of the “Women of Troy” Performance: A Journey of Shared Inspiration

April 14, 2024

Despite possible language barriers and modifications to rehearsals, both physical and online, the production of “Women of Troy” has been an inspiring journey for the participating artists.

Under the direction of feminist directors Maja Mitić and Zana Hoxha, the cast of actors from Kosova and Serbia have undergone physical rehearsals in Prishtina, online sessions, and finally physical rehearsals in Prizren, before the performance at Cinema Lumbardhi on April 15, 2024.

From intensive rehearsals to the actors’ creative interpretations, the fusion of Euripides’ timeless text with the modern touch of Shpëtim Selmani added depth and emotion to “Women of Troy”. The bilingual, sometimes trilingual, nature of the rehearsal process added unique value to this production. The Lumbardhi cinema stage, with its rich history and cultural heritage, provided a suitable environment for close and creative collaboration with choreographer Robert Nuha and composer Liburn Jupolli, who brought originality to the performance, highlighting the pain of the survivors of the Trojan War and adapting it to narratives from the present days.

“Women of Troy” is supported by UNFPA (through ‘Youth 4 Inclusion, Equality & Trust’ project), European Union and US Embassy in Kosova.

Partners in this activity are Artpolis and Helsinki Committee for Human Rights (Serbia).

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