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The forum theater performance “Eclipse” with a message against femicide

August 11, 2022


The forum theater performance “Eclipse” was presented on August 3, 2022 at the Amphitheater of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Pristina.

“Eclipse” came as a stage narrative about violence, threats and homicide of women. Through the stage performance, the lyrics of the musical performance, the youngsters raised awareness, addressing and opposing sexual, physical, psychological and emotional violence against women.

In this forum theater performance, sadness, loneliness, liberation, love, joy, fun, worry and uncertainty are combined to give the audience many emotions. These young men and women brought this performance to shock and to reflect on the role that institutions, family, and friends play in the events of violence, which should not remain isolated and within the private space.

After the end of the show, the audience had the opportunity to ask numerous questions to the characters and give comments and advice on the topic covered. A broad, active and deep debate was carried out between the public and the characters, conveying the message that violence should not be tolerated, and the oppression of women should end.

The following actors played in this performance: Arbesa Azemi, Ardijan Krasniqi, Arjeta Beqiri, Rrezon Potoku, Sejad Gashi, and Sonila Pacolli.

“Eclipse” was created under the mentorship of the actor of the Resident Artistic Troupe of Artpolis, Edlir Gashi.

This performance is organized by Artpolis – Art and Community Center within the project “Humanrightivism”, in cooperation with NGO TOKA, implemented by Community Development Fund – CDF and supported by the Embassy of Sweden in Pristina.

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