The workshop “Raising the capacities of artists and activists of Artpolis” was held in Valbona.

September 2, 2022


On August 29-31, 2022, a workshop was held in Valbona to increase the capacities of the Artistic Troupe and Artpolis Staff.

The workshop opened with “Addressing sexual harassment” by the Executive Director of Artpolis, Zana Hoxha and the Project Manager, Diellza Bezera.

In addition to the presentation of brochures, publications and achievements so far, the steps that Artpolis will take in addressing and preventing sexual harassment have been widely discussed.

In this workshop, the monitoring and evaluation of the tenth edition of the FemArt Festival was done, in which case the challenges and lessons learned, the changes that should be made to increase even more the quality of the Festival and the impact on society were discussed.  On this occasion, the new dates of the next edition of the FemArt Festival, as well as the plans for its implementation, have been determined.

On the second day of the workshop, a discussion took place on the new Artpolis Strategy, which was led by trainers Shqipe Malushi and Kushtrim Shaipi.  In the discussion with the Artpolis staff, a reflection was made on the past strategy, which ends in 2022, as well as proposed changes to be made in the new Artpolis strategy for the next five years.

Parallel to the discussions on the new strategy, in another space, the Resident Artistic Troupe of Artpolis has been making musical preparations under the direction of the composer Liburn Jupolli.

The workshop “Raising the capacities of artists and activists of Artpolis” was closed on the third day by the Artistic Troupe and the staff of Artpolis with the detailed planning of activities for the remainder of 2022.

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