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Transformative Theater-Based Education Training Unites Diverse Communities

April 19, 2024


A groundbreaking three-day Theater-Based Education Training workshop concluded on April 18th, bringing together 25 participants from diverse ethnic backgrounds including Albanian, Serb, Roma, Ashkali, and Egyptian communities. The workshop, held in an effort to foster social cohesion and personal empowerment through the arts, was expertly led by Zana Hoxha and Maja Mitic, distinguished figures in the world of theater.

The workshop began on April 16th with an innovative ‘Secret Friend’ game to build trust among participants—a critical component in collaborative creative processes. Zana Hoxha and Maja Mitic crafted a comprehensive agenda that engaged participants in a series of exercises designed to develop their theatrical skills while promoting mutual understanding and respect among diverse groups.

Day One focused on laying the groundwork with sessions like ‘Theater and Prevention’ and interactive exercises that encouraged rhythm and spontaneity in performance. Participants learned to work together through games and improvisation.

On the second day, the focus shifted to deepening the understanding of theatrical arts with exercises aimed at enhancing non-verbal communication and character development. Participants explored character backstories, stage design, and costume elements, significantly broadening their grasp of storytelling. The day concluded with performances that demonstrated their growing skills and comprehension, and were evaluated with constructive feedback from peers and trainers.

The final day emphasized applying theater techniques to sensitive social topics using forum theater methods, preparing participants for engaging and dynamic performances that invite audience interaction. Techniques for maintaining stage presence and voice control were explored, enriching participants’ overall ability to convey powerful messages through performance.

The workshop ended with a celebration of progress and cultural exchange, including the distribution of certificates and the revealing of ‘Secret Friends’, which added a memorable personal touch to the collaborative experience.

This initiative not only equipped participants with advanced theatrical skills but also fostered an environment of cultural understanding and cooperation. It stands as a testament to the power of the arts in bridging diverse communities and sparking meaningful dialogue. The project is supported and financed by United States Embassy Pristina, Kosovo.

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