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Weekend with the “Theater Based Education” training

February 28, 2022

25-27 february, 2022

Three days that brought learning, fun, love and emotion.

On February 25-27, the training “Theater Based Education” was held with 20 young people from different cities and communities of Kosovo, with coaches Lulzim Bucolli and Edlir Gashi.

The ability to portray social themes in a highly visual way and to provide a context for the information provided is identified as a strong point of Theater-Based Education. When you combine learning with a fun and enjoyable experience it has been proven that messages are more likely to be understood and remembered.

By using theater as a learning tool, young people can add purpose and value to their creativity. Working in this way improves self-esteem, motivation and achievement, while post-discussion performance with the audience influences young people’s self-esteem, promotes critical thinking on the topics addressed in the performance and is an opportunity to understand the concerns of young people from different communities.

The willingness of young people to learn and get the most out of these sessions made the training close with full of love, positive energy and new friendships and be appreciated by young people as an unforgettable experience.

This activity is organized by Artpolis within the project “Humanrightivism” implemented by the Community Development Fund – CDF and supported by SIDA.

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