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“What’s Your Gender…?!” Challenges Gender Stereotypes

May 24, 2024


The youth of the Theater Club in Shtime, on Thursday, May 23, 2024, premiered the forum theater performance “What’s Your Gender…?!”, challenging gender stereotypes and bullying. “What’s Your Gender…?!” was a profound exploration of individual identity and freedom, but above all, a manifestation of the challenges of being oneself against society’s expectations.

This performance served as a mirror for reflecting on entrenched social norms and called for a profound transformation of mindset. It was an invitation to explore our individual freedom, to challenge the constraints imposed upon us, and to find a balance between our unique identity and collective expectations.

After the show, the audience became part of the performance, engaging in discussion with the characters on the theme addressed.

Leonora Hyseni, a participant in the Theater Club of Shtime, shared her experience with Artpolis and the importance of the theme addressed in the performance.

“Throughout my time with Artpolis, I have had a great experience, I am very pleased with the mentors, as well as with my colleagues. We have done a very good job. I believe that we will continue to work with Artpolis. In our country, there are many prejudices, however, we should never give up, regardless of how much we are bullied, how much pressure is put on us to give up, we should never give up. Everyone has the right to life, to live it as they wish,” said Hyseni.

For Enis Xheladini, this was an experience he will never forget.

“With Artpolis, it has been an experience that will accompany me throughout my life. The lesson I have learned from this project is never to give up, regardless of the challenges we face. My dream is coming true as I have always wanted to act since I was young, but I have never been given the opportunity,” he said.

For Elmedina Syla, involvement with the Theater Club was particularly important in overcoming the fear of performing in front of an audience.

“With Artpolis, I have learned that we should not be afraid on the stage, no matter how we feel,” she expressed.

Meanwhile, Brikena Hysenaj emphasized that the games developed during rehearsals with the Theater Club helped them manage stress and improve their stage presence.

“What I like about the engagements with Artpolis is that we address a problem within society and present it to the audience. The mentors have been very good to us, and they have helped us with the performance, the roles, but we have also played games to help us alleviate the stress we have and to present ourselves better as actors,” she said.

Representatives from institutions in Shtime were present at this event, including the Deputy Mayor, Faruk Beqa, the Director of Culture, Albana Fazliu, the Director of Education, Yllka Fazliu, the Director of the Professional High School, Labinot Rexhaj, and others.

This activity was organized by Artpolis with the support of Frieda and the Municipality of Shtime.

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