“Women of Troy” Sparks Discussion in Prizren, Audience Values Peace Messages

April 15, 2024


After the performance of “Women of Troy,” a lively discussion took place between the artists and the audience at Cinema Lumbardhi on April 15, 2024, echoing the powerful themes explored in the play. Facilitated by director Zana Hoxha, questions and comments from the audience were directed to the respective artists.

Comments such as “No more war” and “Such a strong message! Women are strong!” highlighted the impact of the performance. Through their comments, attendees appreciated the clear and peaceful messages conveyed, expressing gratitude for the inclusive representation on stage.

One audience member said, “I’m glad to see a stage without any offense to the communities. Well done!” Another emphasized the importance of multilingual communication, stating, “I really liked the communication in Albanian and Serbian.”

It was emphasized that the essence of the performance aimed to transcend language barriers, resonating through the universal language of body and shared emotions.

As the artists responded warmly to questions and comments, the discussion concluded with words of gratitude from Zana Hoxha. She thanked all people present for their active participation, acknowledging the contribution of donors, artists, technical staff, and the dedicated team of Artpolis.

This discussion was organized by Artpolis with the supported by UNFPA (through ‘Youth 4 Inclusion, Equality & Trust’ project), European Union and US Embassy in Kosova.

Partners in this activity are Artpolis and Helsinki Committee for Human Rights (Serbia).

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