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Zana Hoxha lectures in front of international students about the work of Artpolis

September 20, 2021


The executive director of Artpolis and the founder of the FemArt Festival, Zana Hoxha presented to the international students the artistic activities of the organization.

Students of master degree for Human Rights and Democracy in Vienna had the opportunity to ask Hoxha questions about Artpolis and FemArt, but also about the cultural life in Kosovo during this event held at the Oda Theater in Prishtina.

During this lecture, Hoxha also spoke about the challenges and difficulties that Artpolis has as an organization, especially the lack of spaces to develop artistic and cultural activities. While an important part of the lecture were the successes achieved by Artpolis and FemArt, from the awards won with theatrical performances, and in particular the creation of the Artpolis Resident Artistic Troupe, which is the first and only independent troupe in Kosovo.

Hoxha also unveiled the mission of Artpolis, for the education of young men and women and the empowerment of women.

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