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Dance theater performance “Totem of Taboo” opened Skampa Festival in Elbasan

October 1, 2021


The dance theater play “Totem and Taboo” directed and choreographed by Robert Nuha and dramaturgy by Zana Hoxha had great display at the International Theater Festival “Skampa” in Elbasan, on September 30.

This was the first international presentation of the Resident Artistic Troupe of Artpolis that opened the 23rd edition of this festival in Albania.

“Totem and Taboo” is an experimental tandem of contemporary dance with minimal text that enables the audience to reflect on the issues that intertwine their lives and the Kosovar mentality.

The performance elevates questions about major social situations and concerns, traumas, the impact of pandemics and social hypocrisy without coming to conclusions but with the intention of reaching a new depth of experience, emotions and events that come alive through images and monologues.

📸 Andis Rado

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