Strategic Planning for the Peace Program of the Feminist Spring School Completed

June 5, 2024

2 – 4.06.2024

The project “Young Women for Peace” is part of the Women Peace-Building program, which includes the Feminist Spring School. Artpolis, in collaboration with the sister organization and leading project partner, the Alternative Girls Center, successfully completed the strategic planning for the peace program from June 2-4, 2024.

This crucial phase involved intensive sessions to improve our objectives, activities, and methods for promoting peace through feminist principles. Marija Jakovljević and Mirishahe Syla, members of the Alumni Network Board of the Feminist Spring School, led these complex discussions to ensure a comprehensive and secure plan for the Feminist Spring School. Meanwhile, other board members, Tamara J., Isidora, Merita, Tamara M., as well as the staff of Artpolis and AGC, contributed maximally during the workshop by developing ideas and proposals to ensure this school reaches the peak of its development. Additionally, translators Fatmire Muratoviq and Teuta Gaxha, who have been part of this school since its inception, played a significant role in making this collaborative process even more productive.

This activity was organized by the Alternative Girls Center and Artpolis with support from National Endowment for Democracy

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