Forum Theater

Three days of art, activism, and new friendships

November 28, 2023


On November 25-27, 2023, the training “Theater-Based Education” was held with young men and women from different cities and communities of Kosova, under the leadership of trainers Qendresa Kajtazi and Shpëtim Selmani.

We completed a transformative three-day journey exploring the powerful connection of art, theater, and activism! Our dedicated participants delved deep into the realms of creativity, using the stage as a platform for social change. From thought-provoking discussions to hands-on workshops, each moment was a testament to the potential of artistic expression to foster positive impact.

The energy and enthusiasm that the young people brought yesterday were truly inspiring. Together, they have not only improved their artistic skills but also gained a deeper understanding of how art can be a catalyst for meaningful social change.

During this training, these young people had the opportunity to learn about feminism under the lecture of the activist Liridona Osmanaj.

Let’s continue to use our creative voices to amplify messages that matter and shape a better world.

This activity is organized by Artpolis with the support of UNFPA.

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