Forum Teatri

Shfaqja Forum Teatër “Stigma – Kërko të drejtën tënde” – Vushtrri

6 Maj, 2019


Forum Theater Performance “Stigma – Claim Your Right” on April 17, 2019, at 13:00, was presented to Vushtrri’s audience, while the host of this performance was Youth Center “Hareja” in Vushtrri.

Students, art lovers, activists, women and men gathered to welcome the actor’s performance. In this old town of Kosovo, where the patriarchal world rules in every corner, the treated subject, stigmatization of survivors of sexual violence during the war in Kosovo, was commented very enthusiastically by the public. They contributed to public awareness being highly interactive during the debate, after the performance.

The emotions created by the excellent play of the actors made this show even more powerful.

The war survivors are not victims, they are heroines and they always will remain so, was the message that was conveyed in the minds of those present.

Director: Lulzim Bucolli

Moderator of the discussions: Diellz Bezera

Actors: Anisa Ismajli, Kushtrim Qerimi, Qendresa Kajtazi and Gani Rrahmani.

The performance “Stigma – Claim your rights” was supported by Kosova Rehabilitation Centre for Torture Victims – KRCT.

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